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Dry Aging refrigerator

Length (cm):

67 | 76 | 90 | 132 | 150

Depth (cm):


Height (cm):




Cooling Method:

Forced Air

Defrosthing Method:



מדפי רשת+ מתלה

Led Lighting:

* Available In Multiple Colors

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    Milo Refrigeration Haifa Ltd. offers a meat-heating refrigerator. This is undoubtedly one of the most interesting ways to sleep the flesh while maintaining its quality. Our company has been active for many years in the industrial refrigeration industry and is engaged in the import, marketing and sale of refrigerators and commercial freezers that are manufactured by the best of European companies. Our company regrets its commitment to the public’s clients. Therefore we insist on providing professional and reliable service at the best prices.

    Meat-cooked refrigerator with easy meats

    It is already known to everyone, the Israelis love meat, very much love. Each opportunity will open the barbecue and start to flaunt. As soon as we hear about a restaurant that can offer us good quality meat, we’ll be happy to book a table and examine the interesting chunks that it will serve us.

    But in order for the flesh to be truly high, he will survive the entire path he has done, he must be held in adequate cooling conditions. One of the methods for praising the meat also includes a refrigerator, and this time a meat-cooled fridge. The aging of meat actually occurs when we let the meat “dry” in the refrigerator at low temperatures over time. The aging process makes the meat much softer and its taste becomes more concentrated. The significant advantage of a meat-cooled refrigerator is that it does not allow for the multiplicity of bacteria and therefore maintains the quality and freshness of the meat chunks.

    where do you find a high quality meat cooler?

    As with any product we purchase, the refrigerators and industrial freezers are important to purchase in the professional companies that can deliver the best merchandise. Milo Refrigeration Haifa Ltd. offers you a wide range of refrigeration, including refrigerators for meat, fridge, refrigerator, cake and ice cream, fish cooler, bathroom fridge and more. Our company provides service throughout the country and provides full responsibility for all its new products for one year. Our professional staff will be happy to meet you and provide the most professional and accurate response to any question that may arise on the subject.

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