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Tequila refrigerator counter with pizza table

Length (cm):


Depth (cm):


Height (cm):

115 | 85


8+ | 0

Cooling Method:

Forced Air

Defrosthing Method:


* Available In Multiple Colors

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    Refrigerator Celia

    A Saltia refrigerator is particularly suitable for storing and displaying cold food in full accordance with the needs of the business and the customers. The highest quality and professional refrigerators can be found at Milo Refrigeration Haifa Ltd. Our company has been active for many years in the industrial refrigeration industry and will be happy to provide you with the best professional services and refrigerators and top-of-the-line European companies.

    What is a Saltia refrigerator and what benefits?

    A front desk is already a mandatory product for any business that serves food for its clients. This special refrigerator is actually integrated with a convenient work desk and an area for storing food in an orderly and inviting view.

    • While it is a product that allows your clients to peek inside, the benefits are already clear. People love to see their food before purchasing, so they can see that it is fresh, inviting and tempting.
    • The exterior of a Saltia refrigerator which is directed towards the customer is equipped with a wisteria that will give people on the one hand to see the components of the whole dish, but on the other hand, will prevent them from touching the products. This will keep them in mind and hygiene in your workplace.
    • The refrigerator allows you to work comfortably on the counter when you train the dish.
    • The internal refrigerators at this counter allow convenient storage and quick retrieval of the products when needed quickly.
    • These refrigerators can be found in different models, so you can choose which model will suit the most accurate way to your behavior.

    A high-quality Milo Cooling Desk

    Milo Refrigeration is a multi-year experience in industrial refrigeration. All of the products that we offer at your disposal meet the highest standards and promise you many years of proper and enjoyable use. Our company provides its services to marketing networks, food factories and private clients. Our customers enjoy courteous and professional service at the most attractive prices. We also offer you repair and maintenance services of your industrial refrigerators and freezers. Our technicians ‘ team goes through all the necessary training and trainings and has extensive experience in the field, which ensures that you can enjoy the highest quality and professional service.

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